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  • What does REKEYING mean?
    Rekeying is the process of making a completely different/new key work in your current locks. In turn, this makes your old key obsolete.
  • Why would I need to rekey my locks?
    Rekeying a lock makes your current key obsolete. This restricts access from others who have a working key to your locks. Lost keys, domestic disturbances, moving into a new home; these are all situations that rekeying serves best.
  • My Key broke. Can you make a new key from the pieces?
    Absolutely! We do it all the time. Occasionally, the key is so badly worn, damaged or mangled that this is not possible. In those cases, we would have to use alternative methods to determine Key cuts and charge the quoted price for Key Origination.
  • The last locksmith I called charged me an exuberant amount. Are all locksmiths like this?
    Locksmithing is not a cheap service, there's no denying that. But the industry is rampant with scamming methods and deplorable customer relations. These individuals are considered locksmith scammers and are frowned upon by professional Locksmiths. Although some of our advanced services are expensive and charges can add up, we take great pride in providing clear, consistent and fair pricing, reliable customer support and professional services; we hope to leave you feeling our services were money well spent.
  • I lost the keys and can't open/remove/unlock/access my "whatever it is that's locked". Can you help?
    Yep, we can! Regardless of what it is, we have the skillset and experience for anything you can throw at us. The options or entry methods vary and can be determined by the Locksmith onsite. We strive to uphold good locksmith form and rely on destructive entry as an absolute last resort or if determined to be the most logical option.
  • What forms of Payment do you take?
    We take payment in form of cash, debit or credit card. Checks are only accepted from commercial accounts. Personal checks are NOT accepted.
  • My key is stamped "Do Not Duplicate." Is that more secure than a regular key?
    "Do Not Duplicate," "DND" and similar messages stamped onto a key make little difference to key cutters. Most will still make a copy of the key. In order to prevent key duplication, you need a restricted or proprietary key. This adds the additional complication of having to acquire the specialty blanks in order to duplicate the key.
  • Why do you need my location when I'm calling in for a quote?
    Because we are a mobile service, our pricing is based on your distance from our office. We don't need your exact address to provide a quote, but we do need a general idea of where you'll need service
  • Where is your shop located?
    Although we are based in the North Winton Village area of Rochester, Locksmith Solutions is strictly a mobile company at this time. We do not have a storefront. Instead, we come to you.
  • Why do I have to provide proof of ownership?
    For the safety and integrity of yourself, our company and our community; proof of ownership is strictly required when in an "All keys lost" situation. In the case of unlocking a residence, proof of residency is required. By upholding this policy, we are ensuring all services are carried out in an ethical manner.
  • I lost my only car key. Can you make a new one?
    Yep! We can do nearly any vehicle. This includes: Acura, Buick, Cadillac, Chevy, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Freightliner, Geo, GMC, Honda, Hummer, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jeep, Kawasaki, Kia, Lexus, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Pontiac, Saturn, Scion, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, and Yamaha.
  • Can you make a car key that has the same buttons as my old one?
    We certainly can! We stock the proper remote and proximity keys along with the various button configurations for a high percentage of the vehicles we run into on the field. On the rare occasion we don't carry your specific key in stock; we can order it, receive it in 2-3 days and provide our services then. Overnight shipping is an option and requires a $15 Overnighting Fee.
  • The dealership said nobody else can make a key for my vehicle. Is that true?
    That statement is simply not true. There are some extenuating circumstances but for the most part; if they can do it, We certainly can. If they can't do it, we most likely still can. Unlike automotive service technicians, we specialize in all forms of locks and keys and are thoroughly versed in the locksmith profession.
  • Can you install or program remotes for my AFTERMARKET REMOTE START?
    Unfortunately, We cannot. Aftermarket remote start systems are best serviced by Electrical automotive technicians, specializing in automotive wiring and electrical systems. Companies specializing in audio systems or aftermarket remote start installation are also a good bet.
  • I Lost my car key and have an Aftermarket remote start system currently installed. Will it be affected?
    The methods used by some of the older Aftermarket systems can be affected. If modern installation methods were used, it will function just as it was before the key was lost. Nevertheless, please inform us if you have an Aftermarket Remote system on your vehicle, this greatly affects our programming process.
  • I lost my Motorcycle key. Can you make a new one?
    We currently can do every Motorcycle make/model, with the exception of Harley Davidson and Push-To-Start Hondas cycles.
  • My car won't start. I need a new key!
    We are happy to make a key for your vehicle! That said, we really need to determine why your car isn't starting, before assuming it's the key. In our experience, nearly 40% of these calls end up being due to an indirectly related automotive issue such as: Bad Ignition Switch, Failed Starter Switch, Corrupted ECU, Grounding/Electrical Issues, etc.. We don't want to waste your time and money. When setting up the appointment, we will ask detailed and sometimes, odd questions; to diagnose whether it is indeed a Key issue. We try to do our best with over-the-phone diagnosis to help develop foresight and avoid unnecessary service charges. This is not always possible nor our professional responsibility as this reaches toward the realm of Electrical Automotive work. We charge at a minimum, the stated service call fee; if upon arrival, the issue is determined through diagnostics to be vehicle related and therefore not within the scope of our Locksmith Service.
  • My key broke off in the ignition! Can you remove it and make a new key?
    Yes, we have the capability to remove keys and create a replacement. Our best advice before we schedule the appointment is: Do not attempt removal yourself. Unless a significant portion is protruding, there is a high risk of damaging the wafers inside your ignition. If upon arrival/removal we determine there is damage to the ignition, we have several possible options: We can stop services at this point and only charge for the Service Call/Key Removal If diagnosis of ignition damage cannot be determined until key is made, we are still required to charge for the cost of Key cutting, less programming. If the Ignition damage is repairable and within the scope of our Ignition Services, we can repair and continue with key programming for the quoted additional cost.
  • I lost my car keys. Why do you need so much information before you can tell me the price? Don't all keys cost the same?
    Locksmithing would be much easier if every car used the same type of key. However, just like the locks on your house, each manufacturer requires its own key. Keys can vary by model and even from one year to the next. Therefore, we need a lot of information to make sure we give you the most accurate quote.
  • What is proof of ownership? What do I need?
    Proof of ownership for a vehicle is composed of two parts: 1 - Registration, Insurance card or Title. Any one of these will suffice. Official Bill of sale and salvage certificates are also accepted 2 - Picture ID that matches name on vehicle paperwork. This can be a State certified ID card, Drivers License or Passport Note: if the registered owner won't be onsite, we require a selfie along with a picture of their photo ID Our technicians will not provide services(when applicable) unless proof of ownership is provided upon arrival . To help expedite the process, please have your paperwork organized and ready before our tech arrives.
  • Can you make my locks all work with one key?
    Simple answer? Normally, but it depends. If the keyway of your locks are different, then they cant possibly be put on the same key. You can test this out; take whatever key you have and put it into the keyhole of every lock. Some locks, your key may not go in at all. Unfortunately, that cant be changed. In this situation, you would need to replace those locks to ones with the same keyway. Your locksmith can take care of that, we have a variety of locksets stocked on our vehicles to match your key and aesthetics.
  • I just moved into a new house. Do I need to change all of my door hardware to ensure that no previous resident has a key to my door?
    A legitimate locksmith will be able to rekey your locks so that the old key won't work and a new key will work. Additionally, Locksmith Solutions can provide you with a security survey of your home or business to identify areas that may have a security problem
  • Should I bother with heavy-duty locks? Can't someone just kick in the door or break a window to get in?
    There is no single lock, security system or key that provides impenetrable security. However, having the correct locks for your doors will make your home more secure. A Locksmith Solutions technician can conduct a security audit to identify weaknesses and apply practical solutions to enhance your safety and security in layers.
  • What is proof of residency?
    Proof of residency consists of: 1 - Picture ID This can be State ID card, Drivers license or Passport. If your address is printed on the front of your ID, this is enough to satisfy proof of residency. 2 - Paperwork with your name and address of residence For residential lockouts, we don't require proof of ownership. Alternatively, we require paperwork that connects your name on the provided ID to the address. This may be a rental agreement, Utility bill or phone bill.
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